Offset and digital printing in large format.

  • Posters

    Admired every day by millions of curious eyes. With one of the densest networks of poster sites in the world, poster campaigns in Switzerland achieve unparalleled exposure and coverage. By specializing in the production of posters and out-of-home specialties, Setaprint has become a leading provider of large-format printing products.

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  • Point of sales

    Getting the message across visually at point of sale. Advertising in various forms directly at the place where purchasing decisions are made. As a large-format printing company with the necessary machinery, Setaprint offers the ideal conditions for producing POS materials for retailers across all industries.

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  • Services

    One step ahead, to boost customer value. The dialogue with professionals as the wellspring of optimization, whether in order management or budget planning. Setaprint strives to stay one idea out front, to meet the wishes of the customer comprehensively.

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Large-format in digital and offset printing. Setaprint, as a specialized large-format printer, guarantees the highest quality at fair prices. Our focus on a few core competencies – posters, out-of-home specialties and POS products – brings a decisive competitive advantage. Combined with continuous monitoring of the market and investments in the latest print technologies, Setaprint offers the customer the maximum added value. By combining large-format offset and digital printing, Setaprint also guarantees maximum efficiency.

How you benefit

  • The highest efficiency

    The highest efficiency

    Geared to the production of posters, OOH specialties and workflows adapted to POS products

  • Expertise


    Decades of experience in turning out large-format printed advertising material

  • Focus


    A few core strengths guarantee the best results and the greatest benefit to the customer